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Les Marcottes

« Les Marcottes » AOC Touraine rouge, Gamay 2013

Les Marcottes is an ode to the temperamental Gamay, which without a firm handwould quickly run rings around us. However, it can also be wonderful if we keep it under control. In order to achieve this, grass is grown between the rows and the old Gamay vines of the domaine are harshly pruned. The grapes are harvested when they are very mature and only those in perfect condition are selected. Small 10kg containers are used to transport them back to the winery to avoid any crushing of the berries.These perfectly preserved bunches are then put into tank and undergo a carbonic maceration for two weeks. The result is a very concentrated, fruity and dense wine that requires ageing in tank for several months before it fully reveals itself.



Technical information:

Appellation: AOC Touraine
Color: red wine
Grape variety: Gamay
Alcohol: 12,5%
Soil: sandy soil of Sologne
Age of vines: 35 years old
Planting density: 5900 vines/ha
Yield: 25hl/ha
Fermentation: 10 day carbonic maceration
Ageing: 6 months in tank
No of bottles produced: 8400


Serving advice :

Temperature: from 14 to 17°C according to the occasion
Drink from May 2014 until 2016


Testing note of Henri Chapon,

UK Sommelier of the Year, Finaliste at the European Sommelier Competition



Henri Chapon :“Although Touraine Gamay is often seen as a frail and simple wine, it is very possible to produce rich and spicy wines if the fruit is picked when ripe and clean and the vinifications carried out carefully, giving the wine time to ‘make itself’ and express itself.
As often with the Gamay grape variety, the first thing that strikes you is the seductive fuschia colour. One also immediately notices the elegance of the nose which although remaining light, draws us in with its spicy pepper and liquorice notes on a base of red fruits. On the palate too, fresh red fruits delicately reveal themselves, so typical of this grape variety. We have here a classic example of Gamay that is structured and supple, yet has retained its fresh drinkable character. Drink it lightly chilled (but not too cold) with white meats, grilled foods and barbeques. Don't hesitate to let it breathe a little which allows all the red fruit aromas to come to the fore.”


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